Donnie Floyd
Gulf War Veteran, Former Police Officer, Chaplain thru Motor Racing Outreach †

For the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. 


If what's in the Bible is not true and you believe it, you have nothing to lose. However, if what's in the Bible is true and you do not believe it, you have everything to lose!

How did we get the Bible?

  • The Bible is inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:20-21)

  • The Bible is made up of 66 different books that were written over 1500 years by more than 40 kings, prophets, leaders, and followers of Jesus.

  • The books were collected and arranged and recognized as inspired sacred authority by councils of rabbis and church leaders based on careful guidelines.

  • Before the printing press the Bible was copied by hand by scribes that used the method of counting words and letters to insure no errors had been made.

  • The Bible was the first book ever printed on a moveable printing press (Gutenberg Press, 1455, Latin Bible). It's the most printed book ever.

  • There is much evidence that the Bible we have today is as true as the original writings. There are over 25,000 manuscripts, 5,300 Greek manuscripts from the New Testament still exist. The text of the Bible is more preserved than Caesar, Plato, or Pliny Secundus which have less than 10 manuscripts each. 

  • The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and over 600 manuscripts confirms the reliability of copies of the Old Testament. 

  • In 200 AD the Bible was translated into seven languages, by the twentieth century it has been translated into over 2,300 languages.

  • Archaeological digs have uncovered items that speak to the truth of numerous stories in the Bible dating back thousands of years.

  • The Bible is the most sacred book on the planet, the oldest book, the most published book, the most fought over book, the most read book, the most translated book and the only book that explains the begining and ending of human life.

  • There are over three hundred plus prophecies that have been fulfilled in the Bible. These are predictions that actually happened.

Have you truly asked yourself, how can a book be so powerful to so many people and how can it have lasted for so many years?

  • The Word Is Alive5:21